OnStage Magazine - May 5, 2014
Opening for Rodgers was the New Jersey based Matt O'Ree Band. When an audience filled with seasoned concert goers stays in their seats and gives props to the support act, you know the band was firing on all cylinders. O'Ree on guitar got his influences from the blues masters, but drops kicks rock rhythms like ashes flicking off the end of a cigarette. Pairing his guitar with Eric Safka as he uses and abuses his B3 organ, and you could see heads nodding in approval while feet were keeping the beat. The band was good and the crowd was sure to let them know. - April 4, 2014
L’altra sera Bryan si è esibito ad un pianoforte di marmo bianco appositamente realizzato per lui dalla GVM, accompagnato da Michael Ghegan al sax e dalla Matt O’Ree Band, solido gruppo blues-rock dell’amatissimo New Jersey che sarà al suo fianco anche nell’imminente tour da solista.
Music Street Journal - February 2, 2014
Shelf Life is Matt O'Ree's third album and just like the two previous ones is a great showcase for the award-winning guitarist. O'Ree's guitar playing has won him many accolades including the 2006 Guitarmageddon "King of the Blues" 2006. And Shelf Life gives him lots of space to show what he can do. A versatile guitarist and vocalist, O'Ree plays out several moods and musical styles on this CD.
Guitar Jam Daily - January 1, 2009
After dinner, my friend and I went to see Matt O’Ree. Matt is a blues rocker based in New Jersey. I’ve known Matt for a while and actually have interviewed him on GJD. It’s the first time that I’ve seen him live. Man, he and his band play with some serious fury and intensity. Matt’s main axe is a Gibson Les Paul and he plays the heck out of it with an equal blend of technique and taste. There are two things about his playing that I really enjoyed. First, he almost makes his Les Paul sound like a Strat at times, or it seems that he is playing Strat like riffs but doing it on a Les Paul. The second thing that I really enjoyed is his very unique blend of blues, rock, funk, and jazz. After Matt’s show my friend and I parted ways and I was ready to crash back at the hotel.
Barfly - July 7, 2008
Focusing more on the music business, some of the industry’s most riveting superstars have been birthed in the Garden State. Most people can recall its two most popular artists, Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi. One who is truly blazing his own trail to memorable stardom is musician Matt O’Ree, New Jersey’s own blues-rock king, who hails from Holmdel.
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